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Fern Hill Primary School

Curriculum Evenings

Curriculum Evenings

In June 2016  we held our first Curriculum Evening. It was an opportunity for parents and carers across all year groups to gain a greater insight into aspects of teaching and learning at Fern Hill. Following excellent feedback from the families who attended, we ran another Curriculum Evening during the 2018/2019 academic year. You can view the presentations used for the workshops during these two Curriculum Evenings opposite.

Our Curriculum Evening this academic year was held on Tuesday 8th October 2019 and covered the following areas:

Summary of Curriculum Evening Sessions

Maths Mastery Part 2

Fluency, reasoning and problem solving are key skills we are mastering in Maths at Fern Hill. This session will develop your understanding of how these skills are taught in school and, most importantly, how you can support your children to build on these at home. To follow up this session and see Maths Mastery in action, we’ll be running class drop-ins after the half term break.

Science Capital

The aim of our teaching approach at Fern Hill is to build the children’s ‘science capital’, developing their grasp of, and interest in, science and encourage a positive mindset towards STEM subjects. This session will explore science capital in school and demonstrate how you can develop your children’s science related knowledge, attitudes and experiences outside school.


Wellbeing at Fern Hill encompasses both our children and our wider community and we aspire to create an environment in which all can thrive. In this session we will share how we support your children’s wellbeing. We will also explore how we inspire ‘pupil voice’ and the children’s understanding of their place in an ever-changing world through the Votes for Schools platform.

A Love of Reading  

Ensuring fluency in reading is one of the most important prerequisites of ensuring academic success across all subjects. This session will give a brief overview of what becoming a fluent reader at primary school entails, why it is so crucial and most importantly, how you can support this at home.

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