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Fern Hill Primary School

Fern Hill Primary School

Remote Learning

Remote Learning

The document attached below: Remote Learning Procedures outlines our contingency plan for remote learning, should pupils need to access this because they are self-isolating or school is subject to a partial or full closure.

The information is to be used as a general guide and parents can expect further details
of remote learning for their child, as and when it is required. We aim to implement access
to remote learning from a pupil’s second day of absence.

The plan distinguishes between:

Tier One - the default plan to be implemented for individuals and small groups of pupils
who must self-isolate, and

Tier Two - which would be triggered in the event of a partial or full closure of school.

If a child is ill, we would not expect them to complete remote learning. With rest, they are
more likely to have a speedy recovery and be able to return to school more quickly.

Pupils access remote learning via Google Classroom. Each year group from Year 1 - 6 have their own dedicated Classroom that pupils access using their own school Google Accounts. Children in Reception use Tapestry for remote learning, not Google Classroom. 

For further information on Google Classroom, click here. 

Keeping your child safe is always our top priority. Before completing any remote learning via Google Classroom, please ensure that you read the guidance in: Staying Safe Online: A Guide for Parents and Carers and Online Safety Five Top Tips, posted below.

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