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Fern Hill Primary School

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Our Foreign Language learning at Fern Hill is French.  In Key Stage 1, the children begin to listen and respond to the sounds and patterns of French through fun games and activities such as songs and rhymes. By the end of Year 2, the children will have grown in confidence to understand, respond to and also join in with simple phrases, such as greetings, classroom instructions and numbers to 20.

In Key Stage 2, pupils have weekly French lessons with a specialist teacher who engages the children in gradually building their skills and understanding in the five areas of the curriculum (2014): Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and Grammar.  Lessons are fun and interactive, encouraging all children to participate and have a go. 

The children’s continued learning at home is encouraged (and highly recommended!) through their use of the website as well as the free language learning app, Duolingo. 

For more information and detail about the school’s French provision, please see our Foreign Language Policy.

Supporting General French Home Learning

(These films are suitable for children, but please be aware that some content on the YouTube website may not be appropriate for all audiences, we suggest you guide your children through the following links:

1. Alphabet

3. Vowel Song 2

5. Numbers 1-20

7. Numbers 50-70

9. Days of the week

11. Days of the week 3

13. Bonjour

15. Il a les yeux

17. Clothes

19. Être = to be

21. Parler = to speak (to)  

2. Vowel Song

4. Numbers 1-10

6. Numbers 20-50

8. Numbers 70-100

10. Days of the week 2

12. Months of the year

14. Another ça va clip

16. J'aime les voitures

18. Avoir = to have

20. Aller = to go

22. I'm called


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