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Why is it free to use easyfundraising?

Like price comparison websites, easyfundraising make money through affiliate marketing. This means that retailers pay them commission each time a sale is made with them through their site and they pass at least 50% of this on to the cause of the supporter's choice.

The donation rate shown on their website is what’s paid to a cause when one of their supporters buys something from a retailer. There’s no charge for setting up on easyfundraising, for using their service or for getting our funds when payment takes place every three months.

How can I raise donations?

There are four easy ways for you to raise a donation.

  1. Visit - simply search for the retailer you want to shop with and click out to them using the green 'Go Shopping' button. You'll be taken straight to the retailers website and your experience will be identical as if you had gone there directly but easyfundraising will be able to track your purchase to ensure a donation for your good cause.
  2. Install the Donation Reminder - this means a box will appear if you are shopping with a retailer who participates in the Donation Reminder and you don't even need to visit the easyfundraising site! All you need to do is click Activate Donations and any eligible purchase will be recorded for you. Take a look at the Donation Reminder here. It's supported by Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari but can't work on mobile phones or tablets.
  3. Shopping on your mobile? No problem, for mobile phones and tablets there is the handy easyfundraising App, perfect if you like to shop on the go and available completely free of charge from your App store. Now you can not only shop using it but you can check out your own donation total and see how your cause is getting on too. More information can be found here.
  4. You can also raise free donations by shopping at selected High Street stores. To be able to raise donations in-store with these selected retailers you to register your card details with easyfundraising. This In-store scheme is growing and you can check who is taking part and get more information on how to register here.

A note about Amazon and eBay

If you're shopping with Amazon and eBay always make sure your basket is empty before you start shopping and remember to go through the easyfundraising website or app to get to their websites. If you have the Donation Reminder it won't be able to tell you when a donation is available at these two great sites.

How to collect donations at Amazon and eBay:

1. Start at easyfundraising
Before you add anything to your basket, go to the easyfundraising webite or app and search for Amazon or eBay.

2. Go shopping
easyfundraising will take you to their website - everything is exactly the same, even the price!

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