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Fern Hill Primary School

Fern Hill Primary School

Art Competition Details

Art Competition - author Zoë Owl (Rory’s mum in Heather Class)

Art Competition 

Design your own picture of one of the topic themes listed below, and your artwork could be selected to be printed and published in an exciting soon-to be-released children’s poetry book titled:    ‘The Kids Book of Wisdoms… on all kinds of stuff!’ by author Zoë Owl (Rory’s mum in Heather Class). 

The art competition is open to all year groups of all abilities.

Conditions of Entry:

Draw your design on an A4 piece of white paper leaving a 3cm clear border around the edges of your A4 sheet to ensure none of your precious artwork is cut off during printing.

  • Write your full name and class on the back of the design in light pencil.
  • Simple, clear pencil outline drawings with pencil shading are ideal, or you can use coloured felt tip pens.- no paints or collage. Keep it simple!
  • You can enter as many times as you like, on as many themes as you like….so get busy creating your ideas over the half term break!

Pop your design into the ART COMPETITION Post Box outside the School Office by the deadline of noon  on MONDAY  29th February 2016


There will be an art-related ‘surprise prize’ for every selected piece of artwork, plus your artwork could feature in a published children’s book and you will also receive a special edition, author signed copy of the book.

If your artwork is selected, you will also get the chance to show off your artwork in an assembly.

Set Themes To Base Your Design Idea Around:

A Purple Gerbil: 1st poem is titled ‘Purple Gerbil’ so it needs a picture!

Henry the VIII: stand alone figure, in his castle or riding his horse or ice-skating on the river Thames as he famously did!

Money: piles of, different types of denominations/and or currencies.

Planet Earth:  looking after our world and animals/plants/trees/people.

Pirates: stand alone Blackbeard or pirates on board pirate ships.

Jesus/Three Kings: baby or grown.

Florence Nightingale:  the lady with the lamp, /or on the wards.

Cartoon Character: drawing a sword expressing “On Guard!” (to show ‘be at the ready!’ ‘Be prepared for action!’).


Easter: spring, new life, growth, resurrection, balance, Easter bunny.

St.George and his dragon and/or the English flag.

Guy Fawkes, bonfire night, fireworks.

Robert Burns: the Scottish poet, Burns night supper, toasting the haggis with bagpipes in Scottish kilts.

New Years Eve: crossing over of timelines, calendars, measuring time, clocks (go out of the box and think wild clocks, like from Alice in Wonderland or Captain Hook movies!).

Recycling and anti littering campaign: looking after our environment (earth and flower fairies do not stand for people dropping their litter and polluting the earth. 

Egyptians/Romans/Greeks: anything culturally historic iconic!

Summer Holidays/Seaside/Rainbows

Christopher Columbus/Captain Cook: explorers in new worlds, native Indigenous tribes people.

Penguins: singular or in colonies, baby penguins or grown up ones.

Owls:  singular or groups, in flight, in trees, nesting.

Monkeys: sitting or swinging in the trees, or a monkey face up close.

Teachers: in the teaching profession, in a classroom setting.

Astrology: planets, moon, stars, sun, space, crystals.

Body Parts: body organs, or a see through skeleton.                  

Create from your imagination and you can never go wrong!

                                      GOOD BEST OF LUCK TO ALL ENTRANTS!

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