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Fern Hill Primary School

Fern Hill Primary School

FernSpeak... A Message from Mrs Howe

FernSpeak The Final

A message from Mrs Howe: 

The Finals of Fern Speak mark the end of many weeks of rehearsing. So many children have been involved this year; 219 volunteered at the start, back in September. I have had the chance to work with Public Speakers throughout KS2 as well as Drama performers and children reciting poems.  Speaking to an audience can be scary, but many of you have not only found your confidence but amazed us with your work for our festival.  If you have taken part, I want to say how proud I have felt of your commitment and enthusiasm. So many excellent performers have emerged, I have often wished we could double the size of the Finals. I hope you will all feel encouraged to volunteer again for anything that requires a confident clear voice and the commitment to learn and polish your performance. 

And so we had our Finals: a marvellous afternoon: powerful speeches, acting performances showing great timing and feeling and sensitive poetry work. Some of my special memories: an angry girl in detention, a girl who hated her packed lunch, a furious bridesmaid, a passionate future artist, a boy who just wanted to eat sugar,  some very strange zoo animals!

The Showcase was a great celebration for Governors, parents and guests.

Well done to all those who took part at all stages of our festival. 

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