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Fern Hill Primary School

Fern Hill Primary School

Tips for Performers

Tips for Performers

Advice for performing poems in Fern Speak

You can read your own poem but the one from a book needs to be learned by heart. You can also perform a poem by heart in a pair, with a friend.

You must give a copy of your poem to the judge so they can read it as you perform.

Say your name, class and poem’s title first.

Concentrate on the ‘story’ and meaning and let the rhyme take care of itself - don’t chime out the rhyme.

Think about the light and shade of your poem- some bits might be quieter, others louder. You might pause, build up. This is a performance. Why should I remember you? Make me feel the meaning. Put energy into your performance. Look at your audience.

Especially if you have learned a poem by heart, don’t just recite it to prove you know it; think now about its meaning. Tell us its unique story.

 Don’t rush. Almost nobody goes too slowly. We need to hear each word.

Practise. You will get better at this. Find an audience.

Think about your last line and make us feel it’s the last line by a tiny pause at the end. Slowing down can be very effective.

Vary your tone of voice- this isn’t a platform announcement at a station.

Enjoy performing. Leave us with a strong memory of you.

Tips for Drama Performers

Do I introduce myself and say the title of my piece?

Can the audience see my face? Do I turn my back or side to them? Can I do more of this scene facing out towards them?

Are my words clear?

Do I know my lines by heart?

Am I acting with my body? How do I show my feelings and character by the way I move around the stage?

 Is there variety in my scene? Humour? Bits that go faster/slower? Pauses where I only move but don’t speak? Does it end in a memorable way?

Props I need?

Costume? What can I find to suggest my character?

Tips for Public Speakers

Do I introduce myself and say my subject?

Have I got an interesting mix of things to say?

Does my speech mention why I chose this subject?

Does it use my life and experiences?

Do I have key words on cards to help me?

Do I look at the audience, move around, ask questions?

Do I show that I care about this subject by my tone of voice and the comments I make?

Does my speech last 3-5 minutes?

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