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Fern Hill Primary School

Fern Hill Primary School

Drop off & Collection Arrangements

Drop off & Collection Arrangements

Drop off and collection arrangements for your child's class is attached below.

To support the measures laid out in the Reopening Protocol and Procedures document that are designed to prevent the spread and reduce the risks of coronavirus:

  1. Staggered drop off and collection times for all year groups are in place.
  2. To support social distancing between families and ensure the staggered drop off and collection arrangements are effective, it is essential that children arrive and are collected on time. Parents or carers are only allowed to enter the school site to drop off or collect children at the times allocated for their class group and must wait on the Richmond Road if arriving early or late until foot traffic congestion clears.
  3. Each class is assigned a consistent drop off and collection location and assembly point. These will be clearly signposted.
  4. Strict social distancing between adults and children from different households must be observed during drop off and collection both within the school grounds and while waiting outside the site on the Richmond Road:

- Only one parent or carer is permitted to enter the school site to drop off or collect their child;

- Parents and carers should leave the school site immediately after drop off and collection and not gather in groups on the school site;

- Parents and carers should observe the one-way system in place as they enter and leave the school site;

- Children may not use the playgrounds or playground equipment.

  1. Parents or carers with children in more than one year group may wait on the school site between drop off or collection times until their allocated time slot but must observe strict social distancing during this time.
  2. In line with public health guidance, we ask parents and carers to wear a face covering when waiting to enter the school site and within the school grounds, unless exempt, as it may not always be possible to maintain a distance of two metres from other families.
  3. Parents and carers are encouraged to walk to school if possible and not travel by public transport.
  4. Parents and carers with children in Year 3 and 4 are encouraged to drop them off at the black gates next to the school reception entrance and allow them to walk to their class assembly point independently.
  5. Children in Years 5 and 6 are encouraged to enter the school site without parent supervision and walk to their class assembly point independently.
  6. If children in Year 6 are travelling to and from school without an adult, parents are responsible for ensuring that their children social distance on their journey.
  7. At drop off, an adult will be assigned to each class to greet the children at their assembly point. Children will line up with their adult and be escorted to their classroom.
  8. If a child is late and misses their allocated drop off time, they should wait with their parent or carer off the school site until 9:15 am. A member of the Senior Leadership Team will direct them to enter the school site as soon as there is a break in foot traffic, before 9:15 am if possible. Children who are late will be asked to wait outside the school reception entrance until they can be escorted to their classrooms by a member of staff.

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