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Fern Hill Primary School

Fern Hill Primary School

A brief note from Mr Waiting

We are just about to have lunch before we get on the coach to come home. The children have had a wonderful time and all of them have shown great maturity and responsibility in the way that they have approached the activities and tasks. I am proud of them all. Watching them encourage each other and work together as a team to abseil, climb or even swing from great heights, clearly shows how the school journey brings them together, developing independence and cohesion as a year group. There is no doubt that they have gained much from the experience and they will come home with many wonderful memories.

I would also like to take the opportunity to personally thank all the staff team who have shown such dedication, care and support to the children throughout the four days.  Mr Langridge, Mrs Whitehouse, Miss Hunt, Mrs Evans, Mrs Wylde, Mr Ford and, particularly the group leader, Mrs Seal have worked tirelessly to ensure that all the children are content and happy at all times (even throughout the night). It is their efforts that have helped to make the trip so special for the children.

We are looking forward to seeing you all at the end of the school day. The coach leaves here at 2pm and we will make sure that we bring the wonderful weather, which we have experienced all week back with us.

Best wishes,

Mr Waiting

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