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Fern Hill Primary School

Fern Hill Primary School

Greetings from Grovesnor

Josh and Harry give a summary of the last 24 hours...

Yesterday we went to leads castle and enjoyed looking around all the sections of the castle. It was fun looking at the castle’s history. In the evening, we finally arrived at Grovesnor Hall and we had our first meal it was really nice. After that we had our very first activity but not everyone did the same. Then we met up outside the Diner. Once everyone was there we walked to a massive sports hall, the activity that we were doing was called The Scrapheap Challenge with three instructors, Ed, Craig and Jerome. It was fun. In the evening we had hot chocolate which was really nice. Once we’d had our hot chocolate we went to our dormitory and brushed our teeth and washed ourselves and then we got into bed and fell asleep. The next day, we woke up and walked to breakfast. Once there we had a choice of: sausages and hash browns, cereal, yogurt and fruit. There was also hot chocolate – at breakfast! This was utterly fantastic! But there is still more activity to come. We will keep updating the blog throughout the day for you to enjoy!

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