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Fern Hill Primary School

Fern Hill Primary School

Evening Excitement

The fun continues...

This evening, after dinner, we took part in many challenges. All of us went and participated in activities such as fencing, problem solving and various team challenges where we learnt the importance of working together. Mr Waiting reminded us that collaboration was one of our core values. As an evening activity, we did the exciting scrap heap challenge, where we built things out of rubbish. In this  task, many of us realised that empathy was another core value as the designs which we made out of recycled materials kept breaking! When we tested them, none of them worked but we had a lot of fun creating them. Before bed, we were treated to a cup of delicious hot chocolate! Then we headed up to bed, after a long and tiring day! ;)

By Charlie, Jess W, Lucy, Nayantara

Inspiration Collaboration Empathy Excellence