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Fern Hill Primary School

Fern Hill Primary School

Day 3: Our thoughts so far...

Emily and Rhea share their thoughts on Kingswood

The Year 5 School Journey is an amazing experience. We could have done with golf buggies to get to a few of the activities a little bit more quickly as you have to walk a long way (we are all completing our 10,000 steps)

The meals have been 'foodelicious' - we could only imagine that Mary Berry is in the kitchen. We really have eaten so well.

I feel that the trip has been one of the best experiences at Fern Hill. Although I would recommend that next year explore the option of air conditioning on site. Some of the rooms are boiling! Next year we recommend an upgrade.

The 3G swing was probably my favourite, along with the Leap of Faith (I have renamed it the Leap of Joy). Although the best part was probably landing on the ground again.

Today we also opened our letters from our family. It made everyone feel very happy to hear the news from home, making us all smile. Hopefully you can see the photos of us exploring the wonderful notes, making us all feel proud about the experience we have had and our achievements at Kingswood.


We will really miss Kingswood but will carry our memories with us.

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