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Fern Hill Primary School

Fern Hill Primary School

An update from Mrs Lawn...7th February 2020

There have been a fw sports events this half term- Year 3 have been playing rugby, and Years 2 and 5 have been on the football pitch, girls and boys - and the children who have taken part have been great ambassadors for the school. 

Alice J-C, Heather Class, one of the Year 2 footballers, reported back: 

"A group of 7 girls went with 3 teachers. We went to Chessington School to play football with 8 other schools from Kingston. We worked really well as a team with everyone happy to have a go at everything letting each other have a turn. It was really fun. We were really happy that Grand Avenue got "Team of the Festival" - we know we tried really hard." 

The teachers who took them praised the enthusiastic approach that the girls showed at the festival.

Year 5 boys were at Chessington School for the Borough Qualifiers.

"On Tuesday, 7 boys from Year 5 took part in a football tournament between local schools. The boys played 7 matches. They won 3 matches and lost 4. The boys played very well and soon decided to pass using the ball, as we were not allowed to kick over head height - we scored 9 goals in total." 

- by Jacob, Ash Class 

Well done, boys - it was commented on the team work and support you gave each other.

Year 6 footballers have continued through to the Quarter Finals in both the girls and the boys District Cup competitions, with the next round being played just before the half term break.

Spring term 2 sees hockey, more football, and basketball taking to the stage - with lots more opportunities for children to participate and represent the school. Please remind them to look out for when the trials will be taking place.

A few half term activities on offer - London Scottish have a multi-sport half term camp, there is tennis for the family, and Basketball continues on Saturday mornings at The Kingston Academy, run by Spartans, our after-school provider. In addition, there is a new football opportunity for boys in Years 3 and 4. All details for these are in the Community Section of the website.

Finally, I am in talks with a couple of football clubs to provide additional specialist coaching, specifically for girls. One of these, Chelsea Women FC, have agreed to provide 4 free tickets to each of their home games at Kingsmeadow Stadium. If you would like to be offered these tickets, on a rota basis, please can you let the office know. As the tickets come in, you will be contacted and they will be available to collect. 

More sports as and when they happen......

Mrs Lawn, PE Lead

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