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Fern Hill Primary School

Fern Hill Primary School

Getting excited!

On Tuesday 8th March, we will be setting off on our journey to Kingswood for the year 5 residential. Although we are excited, we have a long coach journey ahead of us, which we are a little bit anxious about.

We are going to Leeds Castle on the way to explore the museum and use the adventure play park. The year 6’s say they really enjoyed it. We will be able to buy a few souvenirs to take home for ourselves and our family from the shop.

Lots of the Year 5 children can’t wait for the residential but a few of us are a little nervous. We will be having many fun activities outdoors and indoors. Year 5 thank the teachers that are helping us on our travel to Kent but the reality is that they are surely petrified of some of the activities, like the Leap of Faith! Many pupils say that they will risk going on the Leap of Faith but they are scared about it. We are also looking forward to other activities such as the 3G swing and the Zip wire.

Last year’s year 5 say that one of their favourite things was the Disco and now everyone is excited about that too! We are hoping it is as good as it sounds. We want to make sure we will enjoy our time at Kingswood and can’t wait to tell you all about it next week!

Watch this space…

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