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Fern Hill Primary School

Fern Hill Primary School

Advice for performing poems in Fernspeak 

  • You can read your own poem but the one from a book needs to be learned by heart.
  • You must give a copy of your poem to the judge so they can read it as you perform.
  • Say your name, class and poem’s title first.

Concentrate on the ‘story’ and meaning and let the rhyme take care of itself - don’t chime out the rhyme.

  • Think about the light and shade of your poem- some bits might be quieter, others louder. You might pause, build up. This is a performance. Why should I remember you? Make me feel the meaning. Put energy into your performance. Look at your audience.
  • Especially if you have learned a poem by heart, don’t just recite it to prove you know it; think now about its meaning. Tell us its unique story.
  • Don’t rush. Almost nobody goes too slowly. We need to hear each word.
  • Practise. You will get better at this. Find an audience.
  • Think about your last line and make us feel it’s the last line by a tiny pause at the end. Slowing down can be very effective.
  • Vary your tone of voice- this isn’t a platform announcement at a station.
  • Enjoy performing. Leave us with a strong memory of you.
  • Good luck!

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