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Fern Hill Primary School

Fern Hill Primary School

Design Technology

The children develop an understanding of how we use materials by designing, making and evaluating working models.  Through this process they are encouraged to solve problems by adapting and changing their structures to improve their final model. Many aspects of design and technology will arise from the topic work planned for each year group, drawing on knowledge and skills from other subjects and previous experiences, enhancing the teaching of all subjects.

We believe it is important for children to learn practical, basic skills for cooking and be able to make healthy choices within their diet, gaining a greater understanding of food.  This links beautifully to our foundation subjects, especially Geography and Physical Development, enriching a greater understanding of food, where it comes from, its benefits and different ways of how to cook it!


We are proud of our creativity at Fern Hill. A highlight of the year for both teachers and pupils is our annual Arts Week where children develop a variety of skills. The Art work children produce is proudly displayed across the school for our Arts Week exhibition.

We showcase the skills we have learnt in creative ways, which has awarded us ‘Arts Mark’.  There are a wide range of materials in the school and children are taught a variety of skills. They are encouraged to paint and draw both imaginatively and from observation, learning to record what they see with increasing accuracy and attention to detail including shading.  This progress is recorded in a personal Art sketchbook which is taken with them throughout their journey at Fern Hill.  They also have opportunities to produce models and to print materials as well as studying the work of other artists and art from other cultures around the world.

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