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Fern Hill Primary School

Fern Hill Primary School

Cath Howe & FernSpeak 

Cath Howe & FernSpeak

Cath is an author and teacher with a real passion for writing and creativity. She has been working at Fern Hill for more than ten years as a ‘Writer in Residence’, running workshops on everything to do with writing and performing.  She now visits other schools as an author and workshop leader as well as developing her ‘Writer in Residence’ role at Kingston University.

Her first two books, The Curse of the Highwayman and The Highwayman’s Revenge, were published in 2012 by Pearson for Bug Club, their primary learning scheme. She wrote two sets of plays in the following year, also published by Pearson. She has won prizes for her stories, poems and monologues.  

Cath Howe’s new book, “Ella on the Outside” is being published by Nosy Crow in May 2018 and a second book has been commissioned. "Ella on the Outside" is a story for 9-12's about school, friendship and lies. 




Fern Speak

With Cath’s support, children from our school began to enter RBK Reading and Performing Arts festivals and they achieved terrific results. In 2015 we developed our own ‘in house’ festival; Fernspeak. Fernspeak is about speaking in front of an audience; expressing yourself and developing self-confidence.

The categories are:

Monologue (Year 6- a solo performance, learned by heart)

Duologue (year 5- a script learned and performed in pairs)

Public Speaking (Years 4-6- A speech written by the children about something they feel strongly about)

Own Poem (Years 4-6 Children read their work in a polished performance)

Poem by Heart (Years 4-6- Children learn a published poem and perform it)

 “Fern Hill pupils are great at supporting one another. They always surprise me with their talent and their huge enthusiasm,” Cath says. “I think this event creates a fantastic creative buzz in school. “

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