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Fern Hill Primary School

Fern Hill Primary School

Clubs & Activities

Extracurricular Clubs & Activities

At Fern Hill, we offer a wide range of extracurricular clubs for children in Years 1 through to 6. These run after school and over lunchtime during the school day.

After School & Lunchtime Clubs for the Summer Term 2023

Please see the attachment below for a downloadable copy of this schedule and other important information.

 Clubs are available to children in Year 1 – 6 only. All clubs start the week of Monday 24th April 2023 – clubs on Tuesdays to Fridays run for 11 weeks; clubs on Mondays run for 10 weeks.

The week of Monday 17th July will be catch-up week when any cancelled sessions will be made up. Clubs running on Mondays will have their 10th session on Monday 17th July. Please refer to this link for further information on the weeks that clubs run: Dates for Extracurricular Clubs.

All after school clubs run from 3:30 – 4:30 pm, except Bake with Rana which runs until 4:45 pm. Clubs marked as a ‘lunchtime club’ run during the school day. If your child is attending a lunchtime club, you must provide them with a packed lunch from home on that day.

Clubs marked ‘apply directly’ are run by external providers. Bookings for these clubs are made directly with the providers and not school. For further information and contact details for these clubs, follow this link: Extracurricular Club Providers.

All other clubs listed are school-run and you should apply and pay through ParentPay. Once a club is fully subscribed, you will not be able to select it through ParentPay. If this is the case, and you would like your child to be placed on the club’s waiting list, please email

Children must wear shin pads and long socks in order to participate in the football clubs. If they arrive for a session without this equipment, they will not be able to play. 

For information regarding where to collect your child when their club ends, please follow this link: Club Collection Points. Any changes in collection arrangements for your child, e.g., if they are going to be collected by another adult, must be notified in advance to:

If your child is in Year 6 and you would like them to travel home alone after their club, you MUST inform the school office in writing before their first club session. This is the case for both school-run clubs and clubs run by external providers.

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