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Fern Hill Primary School

Fern Hill Primary School

Garden Produce Summer 2015

The Fern Hill garden is blooming with fresh seasonal produce galore! This week, lettuces have been harvested and served  to the children during school lunches. Giant radishes have been pulled from the soil and even Mr Scott has enjoyed one in his salad!  Our strawberries are packed with juice and are as sweet as can be according to tasters Laila and Sophie (Year 3). Year 6, as part of their World War 2 project,  Digging for Victory, planted pea seeds and these have already been picked and devoured! Even one of our courgette plants has bloomed its first yellow flower. They are fantastic when lightly fried and served with pasta!

A big shout goes out to the Fern Hill Garden Gang who have tirelessly sown, weeded and nurtured our vegetable and fruit patches with only a tiny nibble once in a while. Coming soon… updates on potatoes, tomatoes and runner beans. Watch this space! Inspired? Then why not join the Gardening Club next September?

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