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Fern Hill Primary School

Fern Hill Primary School

Year 5 Residential

Year 5 Residential 2018

Our year 5 children have experienced a fantastic week of fun learning and activities at Grosvenor Hall, Ashford.  It  has over 50 acres of recreational facilities and an array of adventure activities including a zip wire, 3G swing, power fan, leap of faith,  jungle vines and climbing to name a few.

Here's what Eleanor had to say about one of the days:

This afternoon started with a Nature Walk. We were trying to identify trees from their leaves, buds and bark. We then created a leaflet about the trees we found. There was a leaflet for the drawings of the trees, too.

Afterwards, our activity was the Nightline. We were blind-folded while going through either a maze or an obstacle course. This activity was mainly about communicating between us and required a lot of collaboration and trust. It was fun and challenging, like most of the other activities.

We then moved onto Team Tech. We had to build structures using mechanisms and our imaginations. Lots of creativity was involved and everyone did a great job!





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