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Fern Hill Primary School

Fern Hill Primary School

The last morning....

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Today it is our last morning. It is warmer than the other days and we have tried to drink lots of water and stay in the shade. It is tricky though because we are so excited with the activities. This morning we have learnt how to use bows and arrows in archery and then we went on the very best activity of all - THE 3G SWING! This is where you get lifted up as high as a bus and then swing back and forther. It is so scary. It was also tricky because the instructors asked us to hold a cup of water and keep it still whilst we were in the swing. We got very wet but it was so much fun. I think it was my favourite activity. I have liked every minute of the school journey and wish we could come again next year.

By Amy (Birthday Girl)

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