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Fern Hill Primary School

Fern Hill Primary School

Year 5 (and the teachers) take to the stage...

On Wednesday 4th of May we did Aerial Runway, which was really fun! It was basically a zip wire but instead of sitting down on a seat we would stand up and push with our legs. To do this we had to wear a harness. We also did Jacob's ladder which involved working in a group of four pulling each other up long poles. Josi and Keith got to the highest point. They managed to reach seven poles out of nine, whilst pulling. Then our last activity before bed was murder mystery. We had to find out who murdered the Head Master (called Adam). We found out that Penelope Angel murdered the Head because he refused to give her a pay rise and when I mean Penelope Angel, I mean Mrs Wrlder but we all thought the Depty Head was involved as well. It was really fun and the teachers were quite entertaining in role. A great night!


By Harry and Harvey

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