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Fern Hill Primary School

Fern Hill Primary School

Day 4: Birthday Blogs

Today Isla and Lily are celebrating their Birthday (hooray!)

Today is our Birthday and we are really excited about spending it at Kingswood.

It has been an exciting journey with lots of fun and laughter.

Isla - My favourite activity was 3G swing because for the split second when you are at the top your heart drops unsure what will happen next. I have really enjoyed the food, particularly the night we had hot dogs – they were as big as a shoe! I am a little sad to be going home but I am excited to open some presents and see my family later. I feel that I have shown myself how to be brave, as I am no longer scared of heights. I would like to come back next year if Year 4 will let us join them.


Lily – My favourite activity was the abseiling. I really enjoyed the moment that you are so high and then begin to come down gradually. It has taught me resilience and courage. Kingswood has been great because the instructors are very encouraging and make you smile a lot. It is fun hanging out with your friends, particularly those outside of your class who you don’t know so well. I am sad to be heading home but I know there will be lots of Birthday celebrations this evening. I can’t wait to see everyone but if we were asked to come again I would in an instant!

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