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Fern Hill Primary School

Fern Hill Primary School

Shenali and Arushi share their thoughts on Kingswood

Today, we  all woke up buzzing with excitement; we knew that a great day lay ahead of us. We had a tasty Full English Breakfast, followed by a variety of nerve-wracking but amazing activities.


First, we had an informative lesson about archery.We shot arrows at targets which had different levels of difficulty.Most of us aimed for not too hard but not too easy goals.However,it was much harder than we thought but subsequently we fulfilled our hardest option as we progressed and learnt more skills.

A great favourite of  ours was the 3G Swing. It is a swing that has three levels of height. The highest was about 35 foot whilst the lowest was around 18 foot. Many of our successors had fears that they couldn’t reach the top because when they swung down they would get hurt by an obstruction. However ,they managed to do it. Overall this was an unbelievable experience and we all loved it.

After that, we had a better than expected lunch. Everyone enjoyed it and I particularly liked the burger with chips and ketchup today .I would rate it 4.5 out of 5 stars.”quoted Evelyn(Lime class).

Next we had laser. We all were acting like James Bond.We hid behind tyres and shot people with lights. The laser was definitely an activity that we will remember especially because we were   acting like superheroes fighting enemies. It has been an amazing trip!

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