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Fern Hill Primary School

Fern Hill Primary School

Caitlin and Freya tell us all that has been going on at the residential...

This morning we set of to a long journey to Leeds castle and Kingswood!

First we arrived at school and got on to the coach, we all waved goodbye to our parents. After a long couch ride, we arrived at Leeds castle and had a wonderful walk next to the lakes, we also had a picnic. But before we left we went to the gift shop to spend some money. Shop! Shop! Shop! Eventually we had to leave Leeds castle and head to Kingswood. Then our long ride was over and we ended up at Kingswood!

Everybody helped unloading the coach, then we were ready for our adventure to begin! First we had a tour of the site so we all know where to go for activities (etc). Then they showed us our rooms and who we were sharing with. We put our bedding on, and got our self ready for dinner.

After dinner we went to our first activity which was climbing and leap of faith. Then we all gathered round at our meeting point. Next we headed upstairs to the trail of mystery, Everybody was excited!  In the trail of mystery Mr Scott (Ash) was dressed in a skirt! The activity was two hours long! It has been a brilliant first day...

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