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Fern Hill Primary School

Fern Hill Primary School

Phoebe and Kaya update us on their adventures

In the afternoon we went to Jacob’s ladder – a lot of logs with metal wires at the sides. When it was time to have our go, my partner and I tried to climb. It was very wobbly and everyone said that it was harder than it looked, meaning that you, or your partner could fall (we were wearing harnesses). There were four ways to help: with your knee; a roman handshake; the “monkey grip” or to hold on to your partner’s rope. I really feel like I have learnt quite a bit from our time on the residential.

By Phoebe

I enjoyed the lazer tag because one team was guarding the house and the other team was trying to take over the house by shooting all the defenders. There were not enough guns for everyone so we had to take it in turns. When people were defending their house they stacked tyres on top of each one and put it in the door way so that the other team could not get in.

By Kaya

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