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Fern Hill Primary School

Fern Hill Primary School

Our collection of memories from the residential trip...

Happily we arrived at Kingswood. My blood was corsing through me and my heart was beating rapidly, with fear. Slowly stepping out the 5-star coach, I joined my friends (Ethan and Oliver), my suitcase following behind me. Our group teachers led us through a path to our rooms , whilst we packed our clothes .I quickly dragged appropriate clothes and sprinted downstairs for our first activity. This was going to be an adventure of a life time...

By TrathushonJ                        


Hello. My favourite activity in Kingswood was 3G swing. 3G swing is a thing like a swing, but it goes higher and you can choose how high you will go up. You can choose in 1G, 2G and 3G. 1G is lowest, 2G is middle one and 3G is highest. I chose 3G because I thought it will be the most exciting experience. My partner, Evenika wanted to go to 3G too! We waited until it was our turn and when it was our turn, we get on the swing. When we were on the swing, I started to be nervous. I wanted to get off from the swing but I couldn’t even say a word! The swing started to go up. I looked at below and I found that was so scary! Someone shouted “1…2…3!” and my partner pulled the rope that makes the swing start. I closed my eyes and then…ZOOM! The swing went down very fast! No, it was more then fast. I opened my eyes and it was so good! It was awesome! I was swinging. The swing time was short. But it was really fun! If I can, I will do it more then 10 times!

By Gyeongmin



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