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Fern Hill Primary School

Fern Hill Primary School

A few further memories of our adventures so far...

We are on a trip at Kingswood (in Kent). There are lots of activities like 3G Swing, which is our favourite.  There are also many other outdoor and indoor activities for .e.g. Arial Runway, zip-wire and outdoor lazer . Next we will be doing Environmental Art. We also did the leap of faith, which is a 10m pole that you have to jump off. Scary but we managed it. This is a big part of the residential. Achieving things that we never thought were possible and we are just about getting there....

By Ifath and Maya


On Tuesday we joyfully arrived at Kingswood from the coach. I was very excited because I knew fun was coming my way. Inside, we made our beds-which I learnt thoroughly with my parents-and headed off towards the door for dinner! I got to sit with my friends and chat while I ate my lasagne. Our first activity was The Team Challenge where we got to collaborate and achieve our goal. In the evening we all got together and did the scrap heap challenge. Then we had Hot Chocolate and went to bed. On Wednesday we ate breakfast (Pancakes) and did our next exciting activity! After that we did the Aerial runway. Next we tried the Nightline which you are meant to be blindfolded and you have to get through a very muddy and nasty runway. As a result, I got very muddy. I have really enjoyed the entire experience.

From EthanJL


At Kingswood, my favourite activities are Aerial Runway, Abseiling and 3G Swing. Aerial Runway is a giant zip wire but when you land forward you need to run forward. If you land backwards, you need to dig your heels into the gravel and then turn around and run! The first person to reach the ‘Grey Mountain’ is the winner. I am staying with someone called Timmy. He is a good person to stay with because I go on camps with him.

I enjoy the trip very much!

By Joseph



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