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Fern Hill Primary School

Fern Hill Primary School

We thought we would share some of our favourite memories from the residential so far...

My favourite activity in Kingswood was 3G swing. In 3G swing there were 3 stages. One was 1G, 2G and the highest, 3G. I went to 3G because I thought it was like Vikings in Theme Parks. While I was waiting for my turn, I pulled a rope so that the people who were riding could go up. If you didn`t want to go to the 3G then you had to say stop. When it was my turn, I went up. It was higher than expected so I was really nervous. As my partner, Joseph, was going to 3G, I went up along with him. Once we reached the top, I was nervous. You had to pull a rope to go down so my partner pulled the rope as the coaches said, “1…2…3G!”. We went really quickly going down and up but while being scared, I was jolly as well. It took longer than we expected so I shouted some words. My partner screamed as we went down and up as well as me shouting so we were a good pair. We slowed down a bit as we kept our mouth closed. One of the coaches told us to cross our legs because we had to stop. As well as crossing our legs, the coach grabbed the rope from where we rode so we suddenly, we stopped. It was really fun. I would definitely come back to Grovesnor Hall.

By Mark


Hi, my name is Aalia.  I am on a trip at Kingswood. My favourite activity was zipwire because you can go very fast. The food was very good. Anyone coming would enjoy the trip. 

By Aalia


I enjoyed the Aerial Run-Way, because it was fun and it helped us to make new friends and be closer with teachers and children. First, it was pretty scary because it was very high but I soon got used to it and wanted to go again! The second thing I loved was the 3G Swing as we had to pull a rope and then one of us had to pull the rope (that was VI) and we went whizzing down so very fast. There were 3 levels we could go level 1, level 2 or level 3! (I went to level 3.) These are the activities I so, so, so absolutely adored. Can we come back again next year?

By Harriet


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