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Fern Hill Primary School

Fern Hill Primary School

by Ire and Timmy

This week we have been staying in the Grovesnor Hall accommodation. We thought we would offer our review of the facilities:

We give the hotel 3 stars as we thought it would be better with a spa and mini zoo!!! We were sent to rooms of 2, 4 and 6 but we did feel that they could use an extension and jacuzzii! The activities have been fun, although we think it would be nice if we could have a mid week cruise to somewhere warm, like Hawaii.

We also think we would benefit from having our own butler service. They could deliver a foot massage for our cold feet and fancy truffles would be nice as well. We also think it would be great if there was  a chocolate fountain to enjoy between the activities.

We will be putting all these suggestions to the Kingswood managers and other staff at the end of the week.


Ire and Timmy

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