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Fern Hill Primary School

Fern Hill Primary School

Written by Robbie

After lunch we had a number of other activity sessions. Firstly, we had the Problem Solving course where tensions ran high. For this you had to move tyres from pole to pole, which took ‘extreme collaboration’ and ‘serious patience.’ We were told that we had to do it in ten minutes and we successfully completed it in that time. It was proven to be tough as six adults couldn’t do it in one and a half hours.


Later on we tried to upload our photo to video documents. This was made very difficult as the computers were highly temperamental and as they had so much storage it was hard to save the document. However, it did mean that we were warm because outside it was raining really heavily.

For dinner we had jacket potato with cheese and beans and for dessert we had jelly. Next time I would advise the chef to cook the potato for a bit longer so that it tasted less chunky.

Tonight we will do a mystery trail. This will involve the teachers and a bit of a surprise. We look forward to updating you tomorrow.

Robbie R

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