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  • Composing

    Published 22/06/17, by Admin
    Year 4 have been composing digital music. We particularly liked 'Isle of Tune' which uses objects such as houses, trees and flowerpots to make sounds as a car passes them by. If you would like see how we compose, or even have a try yoursel
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  • Creating Apps

    Published 19/06/17, by Admin
    Year 6 have been designing and coding their own android phone app. This week they presented their work to their classmates. Yana, Catie and Jess designed an app called Care4Pets giving advice to children about how to take good care of th
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  • Geometric Patterns

    Published 15/06/17, by Admin
    In year 5 we have been using Inkscape to create geometric patterns.  Inkscape uses vectors (lines and directions) so we can make our patterns any size and they don't become pixelated (fuzzy.) We made some patterns in the style of Bridge
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  • Creating a Wiki

    Published 14/06/17, by Admin

    Creating a Wiki

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  • Emailing Safely

    Published 12/06/17, by Admin
    Year 3 have been learning how to use email safely by visiting the 'Cyber Cafe' on the ThinkuKnow online safety website. They had to decide which emails were safe to open and which ones should be deleted. They were also reminded that
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